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Outdoor Large Bronze jumping horse statue

Outdoor Large Bronze jumping horse statue

Bronze horse statue is the specialized field of You Fine, we could offer kinds of bronze horse statue, such as jumping horse statue, standing horse statue, racing horse statue, etc.

Outdoor Large Bronze jumping horse statue (2)

This is a customized Bronze horse statue for American customers. At first, the customer was not sure the design and size of the bronze horse statue,He just want to put on bronze horse statue  in his garden.

Name  Bronze jumping horse statue
Type  jumping horse statue
Size High 2 cm
Color Patina
Techniques Exquisite casting,hand made
Material Casting bronze
Quality standard We have our own professional QC team to make sure the quality. of course it’s our pleasure to welcome your QC team to check the quality in our factory if necessary.

After a few days of screening, we recommend three designs for customer, finally customer chose this bronze racing horse statue.

Large Bronze jumping horse statue
Large Bronze jumping horse statue

Casting bronze sculpture needs to make clay model at first, so that the quality of the final sculpture can be guaranteed.


From the clay mold to the final sculpture, our masters completed it in 50 days. During the whole sculpting process, we kept confirming the details with customer, until it could meet customer’s requirement.

Customers was very agree with this bronze horse statue, and gave us a feedback of installation.